Does dairy trigger eczema?

  • by Petra Jelinkova
When we talk about our children’s eczema we hear a lot about the possibility of their eczema being triggered by dairy products. About 2%, which is about one in 50 of Australian and New Zealand infants are allergic to cow’s milk and other dairy products. Eczema can be a symptom of a dairy allergy. Is cow’s milk and dairy products making my child’s eczema worse? One of the symptoms of a reaction to these products can be eczema. A reaction to these products can range from severe to moderate and mild. Eczema can show as a symptom at any stage.
  • Within minutes to up to 2 hours of having a small amount of cow’s milk – symptoms are eczema, hives, face swelling, difficulty breathing (anaphylaxis), vomiting, diarrhea.
  • Several hours after having a moderate amount of cow’s milk – worsening of eczema, vomiting, diarrhea.
  • After a day or several days after having a normal amount of cow’s milk – eczema, vomiting, diarrhea, asthma.
What should I do if I think my child has a dairy allergy? Immediate food allergies are usually very obvious and your doctor will be able to confirm this with a skin prick test or blood test. For less serious reactions, keeping a food diary will help your doctor to diagnose an allergy to dairy, it will also allow you to notice any patterns with eating these products and a worsening of their eczema. Your GP will most likely refer you to a specialist. What is the treatment for these allergies? Keeping dairy products, which will include goat’s milk products out of your child’s diet and finding substitutions is how to manage this allergy. Consulting a specialist dietitian about the best way to do this so your child doesn’t miss out on essential parts of their diet is important. Will my child outgrow their dairy allergy? Most children will outgrow their allergy by the age of three to five years. When it comes time to assess your child’s allergy and reintroduce these products into their diet do so with the guidance of your medical specialist and specialist dietitian. Depending on the severity of your child’s dairy allergy reintroduction of these products can be done in hospital. Keep up your eczema management skin care routine Especially in challenging times sticking to your child’s eczema skin care maintenance routine is important. Our itchy baby co. natural oatmeal bath soak and natural oatmeal bath soak with marshmallow root do not contain dairy proteins. Our moisturiser, scalp oil and face mask are also do not contain dairy proteins. This blog post was brought to you and your baby with love by Julia and the Itchy Baby Co. team. X Disclaimer: Information provided is of a general nature only, and you should always consult your medical professional.

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