How is Itchy Baby Co. natural moisturiser different?

  • by Petra Jelinkova
How is Itchy Baby Co. natural moisturiser different?

Most of you know my story and I’m sure it’s similar to yours. For many years, well ever since my little boy was born nearly five years ago, we have battled with eczema. The emotional ups and downs, mainly downs, the relentless search for effective products and the ongoing visits to a range of health professionals from naturopaths to paediatric dermatologists, all the while hoping that something, anything, would help. As a pharmacist and mother I felt so frustrated and helpless that nothing I was trying was making much of a difference. So I was motivated to do something myself and our range of itchy baby co. bath soaks was developed. Then I started thinking about a moisturiser. What is it about many of the creams available for eczema which are stopping me from seeing results? What do most of these eczema creams have in common and what can I change to develop a moisturiser to target eczema which might be different?


What’s in itchy baby co. natural moisturiser?

Itchy baby co. natural moisturiser targets dry skin with all natural ingredients. These ingredients share a range of properties which work together to soothe the skin. These include an intense boost of moisture, nourishing and replenishing properties, as well as vitamins.


What’s not in itchy baby co. natural moisturiser?

What’s missing from our moisturiser which is in many creams which target eczema are additives. Some additives, or stabilisers, are included in eczema creams to help them keep their form so they don’t get affected by temperature. Other additives are used to give the cream a nice smell. However, when such creams are used on sensitive skin, they can sting and cause discomfort. Our natural oatmeal moisturiser is free from added chemicals as well as fragrances.

The other ingredient missing from our moisturiser which is in many creams is water. As we know, water evaporates with heat and it does the same when applied to warm skin. So if you have an eczema cream which contain water, it leaves the skin quickly and lacks the ability to provide long lasting hydration. Our natural oatmeal moisturiser is an ointment which contains no water, meaning it keeps the skin hydrated for longer!


Why is itchy baby co. natural moisturiser thicker than some other creams which target eczema?

The thicker the moisturiser, the more hydrating it is for the skin. This is because thicker moisturisers are the best at preventing water from leaving the skin. Our itchy baby co. moisturiser's formulation is thick due to the fact that it contains no water. It also mixes with the skin’s natural oils which maintains its barrier's function to stop irritants from penetrating the skin. As the moisturiser is completely naturally formulated, the consistency will be thicker than your average moisturiser... this is instantly noticeable when squeezed out of the tube. All it takes is a gentle rub in the hands to warm it up and it melts right away, allowing for an easy absorption for the skin.

This blog post was brought to you and your bub with love and care by Julia and the itchy baby co. team x 


Disclaimer: Information provided is of a general nature only and you should always consult your medical professional

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