Is my baby’s eczema infected?

  • by Petra Jelinkova

Managing eczema every day is not easy especially when it seems that despite all your efforts your little one’s skin isn’t get any better, or even getting worse. Sometimes the reason for your little one’s eczema not getting better with your bathing and moisturising routine could be the skin has become infected.


Why does eczema get infected?

Eczema stops the skin’s natural barrier working to prevent bacteria getting into the skin. With eczema, the skin barrier has gaps in it so it’s easier for bacteria to get in. The cuts that scratching makes on the skin make it even easier for bacteria to enter. The likelihood of infection is increased again because bacteria that cause infection love the dryness of eczema skin so tend to make a home on our eczema bubs.

How can I tell if eczema is infected?

If you think your little one’s skin is infected see your doctor as soon as you can. Some signs of infection might be:

  • reddening and worsening of eczema
  • the moisturising and steroid creams don’t seem to be working
  • the skin has blisters, pustules, dry crusts
  • little red spots around body hairs
  • the skin is weeping

How can I help to stop eczema getting infected?

Preventing eczema getting infected is all about knowing and understanding your eczema management plan and sticking to it even when you see no signs of eczema on your little bub.

Putting the most amount of moisture into your little one’s skin will help create a moist environment on the skin which bad bacteria don’t like. It will also form a barrier on the skin which will help to prevent the bacteria finding their way in.

It seems current advice is bathing at least once a day is recommended as part of a good eczema management plan. Bathing regularly reduces the amount of bacteria on the skin and it also prepares the skin to absorb moisture readily from moisturising when this is done immediately after the bath. Bathing in itchy baby bath soak leaves a thin film on the skin which acts as a barrier to trap moisture to stop the skin from drying out. Itchy baby moisturiser further seals in the hydration from the bath soak. This will all help to manage your little one’s eczema and lower the chance of infection occurring.

This blog post was brought to you and your baby with love and care by Julia and the itchy baby co. team x

Disclaimer: Information provided is of a general nature only, and you should always consult your medical professional.

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