top tips for travelling in the car with eczema babies

  • by Petra Jelinkova

We all know from experience long car trips with eczema babies are not fun. There is so much time in the car to scratch with not much else going on and the heat which gets trapped in the car in summer doesn’t make it any easier.


why do eczema babies scratch so much in the car?

There are no surprises here – the car can be haven for a many eczema triggers. In summer cars get very hot, so heat is an obvious one. Some babies can also be irritated by the cleaning detergents used to clean the inside of the car, or any air fresheners used in the car. House dust mites, which are another really common eczema trigger can also take up residence in the car. But above all this, with you often out of arms’ reach, children can just make the most of this opportunity to scratch.

here are some tips for travelling in the car with eczema babies

  • moisturise, moisturise, moisturise – just before you get in the car plan to lather up your little one with moisturiser. This will protect your little one’s skin from the drying effect of air-conditioning as well as soothing their skin before getting into the car.
  • keep your car cool – try to park in the shade and open all the doors and air the car before getting your eczema baby in. Shading the car windows can also hugely help. Air-conditioning is also great (as long as you have moisturised your child’s skin) but keep in mind it only makes a difference while the car is running – so everything you can do to cool the car down before you put your baby in is hugely important.
  • choose cool clothing for the car or take off a layer before you get in – dress for the temperature inside the car rather than outside.
  • plan the timing of any long car trips – just like how we choose our times to play outside during the cooler parts of the day – treat long car trips the same way.
  • pack your eczema babies into the car with some toys and books to keep them busy and distracted.
  • keep moisturiser and an instant cold pack in the car just in case for quick relief.

This blog post was brought to you with love and care from Julia and the itchy baby co. team x. 

Disclaimer: Information provided is of a general nature only, and you should always consult your medical professional.

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