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What is cradle cap and how do I treat it?

  • by Petra Jelinkova

The very first skin condition I had to contend with in my early days as a new mum was cradle cap. It took over my little boy’s scalp with its crusty and yellow flakes. The first thing I wanted to do was to remove it and bring back his beautiful, smooth skin. That’s why I formulated our natural scalp oil to provide special care and attention to the scalp, to start his journey to happy, healthy skin! 


What is cradle cap?

Cradle cap is a skin condition that most commonly affects babies under three months. It is a form of dermatitis which causes the oil glands in the skin to become inflamed. This inflammation causes the thick, yellow crusts. It stops after the baby is about three months old because the oil glands become inactive until puberty. You can treat it by deeply hydrating the skin with a natural scalp oil so that the skin is nourished and protected.

If your baby has signs of cradle cap after three months it might be eczema, and you should see your doctor for diagnosis and treatment.

What does cradle cap look like?

It can look like:

  • flakey skin
  • red, inflamed skin
  • yellow crusts
  • greasy skin

How do we treat it?

It will usually go away by itself, but many parents choose to treat cradle cap because it doesn’t look or feel nice on a baby’s scalp. Here are some steps to help improve cradle cap:

  • Massage oil into the scalp at night; our itchy baby co. natural scalp oil has oat extract and coconut. These two natural ingredients have anti-inflammatory and soothing properties as well as preventing the skin from flaking.
  • The next morning make a mixture from itchy baby co. natural bath soak by mixing one to two spoonfuls of bath soak powder with a little bit of water and use this to wash the scalp. Then gently use a soft toothbrush to lift the flakes and crusts.
  • Continue this process until the scalp is clear and start this process again if the cradle cap reappears.
    If your baby’s cradle cap still isn’t improving see your health professional or if your baby still has it after three months see your doctor.

Can it become infected?

Like other conditions which affect our skin, cradle cap can become infected. If your baby’s scalp becomes more red, and the skin looks like it’s weeping or blistering it’s important to see your doctor. This infection will most likely need to be treated with antibiotics.

This blog post was brought to you and your baby with love by Julia and the Itchy Baby Co. team. X

Disclaimer: Information provided is of a general nature only, and you should always consult your medical professional.

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