Why is sticking to a daily eczema routine so important?

  • by Petra Jelinkova

Managing eczema is all about creating a routine which is easy enough to stick to. Being in a good routine means you have a better chance of avoiding eczema flare-ups. But finding the time, energy and motivation to carry out this routine daily is sometimes hard.

Creating a daily eczema routine

From the very beginning I struggled to keep to an eczema routine for my toddler and we all suffered through many eczema flare-ups because of it. One of the main things which let me down was thinking that if my toddler wasn’t itchy then everything was under control and I didn’t need to do anything to manage his eczema. Big mistake. The more I live with eczema the more I realise it’s about prevention. Here are some tips which helped me make our eczema routine part of our everyday.


  • Reminders

Most of our eczema care happens at night around bathtime. Above our bath there is a note which says bathtime – eczema time. It’s a simple reminder to me to use this time to look after my toddler’s eczema prone skin. Our eczema routine starts with using itchy baby bath soak in the bath and is followed up with lots of moisturising straight after he is out of the bath and patted dry.

I also keep a daily to-do list. And yes, every part of our eczema routine is on this list every day so I have the satisfaction of ticking it off.

  • Association

The other important time for moisturising which makes up part of our daily routine is first thing in the morning. To make this easy for me I keep a jar of moisturiser next to my toddler’s toothbrush. He knows that every morning he brushes his teeth and after that we use our moisturiser.

Controlling eczema triggers is an important part of our eczema routine. Dryness in the air is a big trigger for my toddler. This winter I’m using a humidifier which increases the moisture in the air stopping his skin from being dry. The humidifier sits next to my toddler’s floor lamp in his bedroom which is both a reminder and an association for me when I turn the lamp off to turn the humidifier on.

  • Rewards

My toddler and I have a shared eczema rewards chart. For every week that we have managed to moisturise at least twice a day, use our bath soak every night, and avoided our eczema triggers he gets a matchbox car (and I’m left hoping that we have avoided an eczema flare-up). As my toddler grows up I like involving him in managing his eczema routine. Even though most children will grow out their eczema by the time they start school, some don’t, and the ones that do still get less severe flare-ups from time to time.

This blog post was brought to you and your baby with love from Julia and the Itchy Baby Co. team x

Disclaimer: Information provided is of a general nature only, and you should always consult your medical professional.

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