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What Kind of Clothing Is Best for Eczema-Prone Children?

  • by Rachelle Davenport
What Kind of Clothing Is Best for Eczema-Prone Children?

What Kind of Clothing Is Best for Eczema-Prone Children?

When your little one struggles with itchy or eczema-prone skin, the type of clothing they wear can make a big difference. Choosing eczema-friendly clothing and fabrics that are less likely to irritate sensitive skin can go a long way in helping manage itchiness and minimise flare-ups.

Managing eczema can feel like a maze. A consistent daily skincare routine (with an eczema moisturiser), managing your little one’s triggers, and dressing them in eczema-friendly clothing can all help you stay on top of uncomfortable symptoms. Read on to learn more about which fabrics to wear and avoid if your child has eczema and other eczema-friendly clothing tips.

What’s the best type of clothing for eczema?

Heat, sweat and contact irritation are all crucial factors to consider when dressing an eczema-prone child. Being hot and sweaty can trigger eczema flare-ups, so choosing breathable clothing that doesn’t make your little one overly sweaty is essential.

Of course, contact irritation can be problematic for eczema-prone skin. Considering loose-fitting clothing without irritating tags, seams, or embellishments can help minimise this.

The best clothing fabrics for eczema

Fabrics that are soft, smooth, moisture-wicking and breathable are usually the best choice for eczema-prone skin.

Cotton clothing is an excellent choice for eczema as it’s usually smooth and lets the skin breathe to keep cool. Wearing 100% natural soft cotton clothing can be helpful when managing eczema flare-ups as it doesn’t trap heat close to the skin. Layering with cotton clothing can be a good way to keep warm without overheating in cooler weather.

Clothing made from silk, bamboo and lyocell can also be better choices for little ones prone to eczema or itchy skin. 

Clothes to avoid with eczema

Some types of clothing should generally be avoided if your little one has eczema. These can include:

  • Clothing made with rough fabrics (like wool, denim or rough linen), which can irritate eczema-prone skin
  • Clothing made with synthetic fabrics (like polyester and nylon), which can trap heat and cause sweating and irritation.

How to choose eczema-friendly clothing

The most eczema-friendly clothing should tick a few different boxes. Generally, the best clothes for eczema should:

  • Be made from 100% soft cotton (although some eczema babies and children are okay with a cotton blend)
  • Have no irritating labels sewn into the side seams (if they do, be sure to remove them before wear)
  • Have soft seams, as uncovered seams can irritate eczema-prone skin
  • Have no fancy embellishments on them like zips, adhesives, sequins, tulle and patches, which can irritate sensitive skin
  • Have necklines that are large enough so they don’t rub against your little one’s face when taking them on and off.

More eczema-friendly clothing tips

As well as choosing loose, breathable fabrics, it can also be helpful to:

  • Pre-wash any new clothes for your child before they wear them. This can help to remove any irritants or excess dye that can be problematic for delicate little skin
  • Use a fragrance-free, eczema-friendly laundry detergent to care for your little one’s clothing.

This blog post was brought to you and your bub with love by the Itchy Baby Co. team. X

Disclaimer: Information provided is of a general nature only, and you should always consult your medical professional.


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