starting daycare or school with an eczema child

  • by Petra Jelinkova
When my little one first started daycare the days he was at daycare would always end with eczema flare ups. It would take me the rest of the week to get the eczema flare up under control and then we would be back at daycare and the cycle would begin again. Was it the sand? Was it the nylon play mats? I couldn’t really be certain… and how do you keep a toddler happily away from certain play areas? It took me awhile to get his eczema better managed while at daycare and here are some tips which help me see us through.

Tips for when your eczema child starts school or daycare

  • talk to the staff about your little one’s eczema and any food allergies
Talk to the staff and let them know your little one has eczema. Let them know what triggers your little one’s eczema and what they should do if this happens at daycare. Heat is a popular trigger for eczema so I tend to under dress my preschooler and when I send him with an extra layer on I always ask his carer to take it off when he starts running around. I also ask that if he is getting too hot playing outside on those really hot days that he be given some inside play time. If your little one has food allergies make sure you let the centre know and if you have an anaphylaxis plan make sure you give them a copy, some centres will also ask you to provide your own epipen. One of the important criteria for me when I was choosing a daycare centre was for it to be a nut-free and egg-free centre. I found these childcare centres to also be more aware and knowledgeable about eczema which is no surprise as food allergies and eczema often go hand in hand.
  • pack an ‘eczema pack’
Pack an ‘eczema pack’ and clearly label it. In it include any moisturisers or other products you are using for your little one’s eczema. I also include a soap-free hand wash as well as his personal sunscreen which doesn’t irritate his skin and flare-up his eczema.
  • manage your little one’s eczema as best you can at home

Managing your little one’s eczema as best you can at home will hopefully lead to less flare-ups when your little one is away from you in an environment you can’t control. Talk to your doctor to regularly update your eczema management plan. I found putting both my eczema bubs in their itchy baby co. bath as soon as we get home helps to remove any irritants on their skin and straight away get moisture into their skin after hard day playing.


This blog post was brought to you and your bub with love from Julia and the itchy baby co. team x. 

Disclaimer: Information provided is of a general nature only, and you should always consult your medical professional.

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