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Top Tips for Travelling in the Car When Your Child Has Eczema

  • by Rachelle Davenport
Top Tips for Travelling in the Car When Your Child Has Eczema

Top Tips for Travelling in the Car When Your Child Has Eczema

If you find that your little one’s eczema flares up during and after long car rides, you’re not alone. Car journeys can leave your little one exposed to more eczema triggers (especially heat and sweat during the hotter months), and while they’re sitting in one place with fewer distractions, it gives them the perfect opportunity to scratch up a storm if they feel itchy!

Today, we want to share more about why babies and children with eczema tend to get itchy in the car, and some helpful eczema-friendly travel tips to try during your next road trip.

Why do eczema babies scratch so much in the car?

Unfortunately, the car can be a perfect storm of eczema triggers for some little ones. Heat is one obvious one – cars can get very warm in summer, and the (very essential) cushioning of their car seat can leave them feeling hot and sweaty. Cranking the air conditioning can help to keep things cool, but it can also dry out your little one’s skin.

As well as the heat, some children can feel irritated by cleaning detergents and air fresheners used in the car. House dust mites, a common eczema trigger, can also linger in the car. And as well as all this, with you often out of arms’ reach, your little one may be more likely to make the most of this itchy opportunity to scratch.

Six helpful tips for travelling in the car when your child has eczema

1. Moisturise!

Just before you get in the car, lather your little one with moisturiser. This will help to soothe their skin, and also protect it from the drying effect of air-conditioning.

2. Keep your car cool

Yes, we know – this may seem like a huge challenge in the Australian summer, but there are ways to make a difference. Try to park in the shade and open all the doors to air the car out before you buckle your little one in their seat. Investing in some window shades for your car can also be helpful.

Air conditioning is great (as long as you have moisturised your child’s skin), but keep in mind that it only makes a difference when the car is running. That’s why it's so important to try and cool your car down as much as possible before you put your little one in.  

3. Dress them appropriately

Choose cool clothing for the car or take off a layer before you get in – dress for the temperature inside the car rather than outside.

4. Plan your timing

Just like how we choose our times to play outside during the cooler parts of the day, we can try to do the same for long car trips.

5. Use distractions

Stock your car with some toys and books to help your little one stay busy and distracted while you’re on the road. Hopefully, this can help keep them from scratching if they start feeling itchy.

6. Keep the essentials on hand

Keep some moisturiser in your handbag, and an instant cold pack in the car in case your little one needs some quick relief.


We hope these tips help you and your family find more enjoyment during your car journey and fewer skin flare-ups when you reach your destination!

This blog post was brought to you with love and care from the Itchy Baby Co. team x. 

Disclaimer: Information provided is of a general nature only, and you should always consult your medical professional.

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