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What is the Link Between Vitamin D and Eczema in Babies and Children?

  • by Rachelle Davenport
What is the Link Between Vitamin D and Eczema in Babies and Children?

What is the Link Between Vitamin D and Eczema in Babies and Children?

There’s so much talk about the impact of diet, skincare, or bath routines when it comes to helping eczema, but what about vitamins and nutrient deficiencies? The potential link between vitamin D and eczema in babies and children has to do with the immune system and how vitamin D can help protect the skin.

Eczema can be a puzzling journey, with many potential factors that can influence flare-ups. As a skincare brand dedicated to helping little ones struggling with eczema, we’re here to provide some insights into the research linking vitamin D and eczema and practical tips for supporting good vitamin D levels in babies and children.

Note: Speak to your doctor about the possibility of vitamin deficiencies, and always seek professional medical advice before introducing any dietary supplements.


Is Vitamin D Good for Eczema? Here’s What the Research Says.

So, why could there be a link between vitamin D and eczema?

With eczema (also known as atopic dermatitis), the immune system and skin barrier don’t function properly. As Vitamin D can influence immune system regulation and skin barrier function, there is potential for those with low vitamin D to experience more severe eczema symptoms.

One 2015 study cites observational studies that indicate a link between lower serum vitamin D and increased eczema cases and severity. However, it does note that there is not enough evidence to draw a firm conclusion on whether vitamin D levels affect the development of eczema.

Another 2018 review concluded that most existing literature confirmed a link between vitamin D levels and eczema severity in children. Still, more studies were needed to support the findings. There was only weak evidence to support supplementing with vitamin D to help with eczema symptoms.

Vitamin D, the Immune System and the Skin Barrier

Vitamin D works with the immune system to reduce skin inflammation levels. It also sits on the skin's surface to support good bacteria, which can fight any irritants with which the skin comes into contact.

By supporting both the immune system and the skin barrier, Vitamin D helps fight nasties and infections which can affect the skin. It potentially strengthens the skin barrier, protecting it against irritants and triggers that can make it itchy and inflamed.

Practical Tips for Parents: How to Increase Vitamin D Levels

First and foremost, always speak to your doctor before introducing any vitamin D supplements for your child. Your doctor will be able to assess whether your child has low vitamin D levels and advise whether you should go down the path of supplementation. Taking too much vitamin D can be dangerous, so it’s always best to approach it under the close supervision of your doctor. 

Other ways to support healthy vitamin D levels in children include:

  1. Sun Exposure. Sunlight is the easiest and safest way to get more Vitamin D because the body won’t absorb any more Vitamin D from sunlight than it needs. Of course, you should always take precautions for safe sun exposure (including using sunscreen) to avoid sunburn and getting too hot. How much sun your child needs will vary depending on their skin colour and where you live. Raisingchildren.net.au has some helpful guidelines to refer to.
  1. Dietary Sources. Most of your child’s vitamin D should come from the sun, but you can also support their intake through food. Vitamin D rich foods include fatty fish (like salmon, halibut and mackerel), egg yolks and fortified milk, juices and cereals.


More studies need to be done so we can know more about vitamin D and eczema. Still, being aware of its role in the immune system and the skin for our eczema bubbas is worthwhile. If you suspect your little one could be low on vitamin D, seek advice from a medical professional.

This blog post was brought to you and your bub with love and care by the Itchy Baby Co. team x

Disclaimer: Information provided is of a general nature only and you should always consult your medical professional.


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