Will my child grow out of their eczema?

  • by Petra Jelinkova
The first thing I wanted to know when my bub was diagnosed with eczema was, ‘will he grow out of his eczema?’ Knowing my husband still suffers from the occasional bout of eczema, and having recommended products to adults with eczema at the pharmacy, I knew there was a chance eczema would be with my bub for life.

is it likely my child will grow out of their eczema?

Generally speaking having sensitive skin will stay with your eczema child throughout their life, but the location and the severity of eczema might change as they get older. Eczema tends to change as children grow. For eczema babies the common spots are the cheeks, forehead and scalp. At about six to 12 months the common eczema areas can change to affect the elbows and knees which is probably influenced by the fact they are now crawling. When your eczema bub is about two the common areas of eczema change to the creases behind the knees and elbows, the wrists, hands and ankles. Sometimes the skin around the mouth and the eyelids also become popular areas for eczema. The hands are where eczema usually appears for older children and teenagers. The typical sites of eczema can be seen here.

at what age will my child grow out of their eczema?

We are told in most cases our children’s eczema will improve as they get older and eventually they will grow out of it. The age when your eczema bub will hopefully grow out of their eczema varies. Generally many eczema bubs will have grown out of their eczema by the time they start kindergarten and by the time high school starts most eczema children will only be affected by their eczema very occasionally. At the moment the word is that two-thirds of eczema children will outgrow their eczema. It is likely though that having eczema as a child will mean you will have dry skin in as an adult.

what can I do to treat eczema until my child grows out of it? 

  • know what triggers eczema for your child and try to avoid them or manage them
  • a daily bath can help keep the skin clean from irritants as well as adding moisture and hydration back into the skin with itchy baby bath soak
  • moisturising at least twice daily helps to strengthen the skin’s natural barrier
  • speak to your doctor about treating any eczema patches as soon as they appear
This blog post was brought to you and your eczema bub with love from Julia and the itchy baby co. team x. Disclaimer: Information provided is of a general nature only, and you should always consult your medical professional.

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