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Will My Child Grow Out of Their Eczema?

  • by Lauran Morphett
Will My Child Grow Out of Their Eczema?

Will My Child Grow Out of Their Eczema?

As a mother with a child suffering from eczema, one of my first concerns was whether my little one would eventually outgrow this condition. Seeing my husband occasionally experience eczema and having recommended products for adults with eczema at the pharmacy, I realised there might be a possibility that my child could have eczema throughout life. Understanding this has made me even more committed to finding effective ways to manage and alleviate my baby's eczema symptoms, providing the best possible care for their comfort and well-being.

Is it likely my child will grow out of their eczema?

In the journey of managing eczema for your child, it's essential to understand that sensitive skin tends to persist throughout their life. However, the location and severity of eczema may evolve as they grow older. In the early stages, eczema commonly affects the cheeks, forehead, and scalp in babies. As they start crawling, it may shift to the elbows and knees around six to 12 months. By age two, eczema often appears in the creases behind the knees and elbows, wrists, hands, and ankles, with potential involvement of the skin around the mouth and eyelids. The hands become a common site for older children and teenagers for eczema. Knowing these typical patterns can help you adapt your care routine to best support your child's evolving needs. (1)

At what age will my child grow out of their eczema?

We are told in most cases our children’s eczema will improve as they get older and eventually they will grow out of it. The age when your eczema bub will hopefully grow out of their eczema varies. Generally many eczema bubs will have grown out of their eczema by the time they start kindergarten and by the time high school starts most eczema children will only be affected by their eczema very occasionally. At the moment the word is that two-thirds (2) of eczema children will outgrow their eczema. It is likely though that having eczema as a child will mean you will have dry skin in as an adult.

What can I do to treat eczema until my child grows out of it? 

  • Understand what triggers eczema for your child and try to avoid them or manage them
  • Create a daily bath time routine to help keep the skin clean from irritants as well as adding moisture and hydration back into the skin
  • Moisturise at least twice daily to help strengthen the skin’s natural barrier
  • Speak to your doctor about treating any eczema patches as soon as they appear

This blog post was brought to you and your eczema bub with love from Julia and the itchy baby co. team x. Disclaimer: Information provided is of a general nature only, and you should always consult your medical professional.

(1) https://www.webmd.com/skin-problems-and-treatments/eczema/atopic-dermatitis-eczema
(2) https://nationaleczema.org/eczema/causes-and-triggers-of-eczema/

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