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What Makes Itchy Baby Co.'s Eczema Moisturiser Different?

  • by Lauran Morphett
What Makes Itchy Baby Co.'s Eczema Moisturiser Different?

What makes Itchy Baby Co.'s Eczema Moisturiser different?

Most of you know my story, and I’m sure it’s similar to yours. For many years, well... ever since my little boy was born nearly 8 years ago, we have battled with his eczema. The emotional ups and downs (mainly downs), the relentless search for effective products and the ongoing visits to a range of health professionals, from naturopaths to paediatric dermatologists, all the while hoping that something, anything, would help.

As a pharmacist and mother, I felt so frustrated and helpless that none of my attempts to improve his skin was making much of a difference. So, I was motivated to do something myself. And then, our Itchy Baby Co. Bath Soaks were developed. This led me to think about a moisturiser. What is it about many of the creams available for eczema which are stopping me from seeing results? What do most of these eczema creams have in common, and what can I change to develop a moisturiser to target eczema which might be different?

What’s in the Itchy Baby Co. Eczema Moisturiser?

Our Natural Eczema Moisturiser targets eczema with its 100% naturally sourced ingredients. Not some natural ingredients, but everything (even our preservative is naturally derived). These ingredients share a range of properties that work together to target the symptoms of eczema. These include intensive moisture-boosting, anti-itch and anti-inflammatory properties and vitamins to help heal and repair eczema skin.

What’s not in the Itchy Baby Co. Eczema Moisturiser?

Unlike most of the moisturisers in the market, you won't find artificial additives or chemical stabilisers as preservatives in our formulation. Other brands commonly used additives to help their products keep their form so that they would not be affected by temperature. This also gives the products a longer shelf life. Often, you will find that other moisturisers have a pleasant smell. This is likely due to added chemical fragrances that can harm your child's sensitive skin.

There is ZERO water in our Natural Eczema Moisturiser. I found that it's common for eczema products that I tried to contain water. I concluded this to be the reason I saw no positive results. As we know, water evaporates with heat and does the same when applied to warm skin. It cannot intensely moisturise and provide the hydration that your child's eczema needs, so why is this still in eczema products sold in the market?

Here's why our Eczema Moisturiser is thicker than other creams

The thicker the moisturiser, the more effective it hydrates the skin. This is because thicker moisturisers are the best at stopping water from leaving the skin and sealing in hydration.  

Our moisturiser is thick to help keep the skin moist and allow it to mix with the skin’s natural oils, which maintains its barrier function to prevent irritants from entering the skin. 

Although its texture is sometimes thick to squeeze out of the tube, it melts and absorbs quickly once rubbed and applied onto the skin. 

This pairs well with our Natural Oatmeal Bath Soaks. The moisturiser is best applied straight after your baby bathes in the bath soak as it boosts the effects of the colloidal oats.

The bath soaks do the cleansing, hydrating & nourishing for your little one's skin whilst the moisturiser seals in these benefits and provides intensified hydration and protection. Healthy skin, happy baby. Happy baby, relaxed parent!

This blog post was brought to you and your little ones with love by Julia and the Itchy Baby Co. team x

Disclaimer: Information provided is of a general nature only and you should always consult your medical professional.

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